ROE Gets Sexy In Pink For Her ‘Baby’

Way back in March we hinted that ROE could possibly have a song of summer contender with her catchy single “Baby.” It seems that we weren’t the only ones that realized the song’s potential. Perhaps that’s why, nearly three months later, we’re finally getting a video to match the vibe that the song was giving us.

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When we first heard the track, we imagined footage of the singer cruising down the highway to the song’s smooth songs. ROE had different plans, though. The camera actually spends most of its time inside the pink walls of her room, where she sexily models close-fitting jumpsuits and dresses while vamping for the camera. The singer gives good face throughout, with her come hither stare turned up to lethal levels. Then, just when we think we know how it’s all going to go down, she takes us poolside in a smoking hot red number and then beachside to get her skate on before winding everything down.

The video might not be the most innovative thing out there, but ROE definitely understood the assignment when it came to steaming things up ahead of the summer heat. Before you press play below, we suggest that you pour yourself a cool drink and maybe have a fan nearby.

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