Jidenna Brings Back The Jazz Age In 'Knickers' Music Video


Face it, you can't front on Jidenna. Riding high on "Classic Man" for the majority of last year, it seemed that the red-haired gentleman was looking one-hit wonderdom smack dab in the face. Then, before year's end, the Wisconsin-born rapper proved that he's still got some heat he's been holding back when he dropped three new tracks, "Long Live The Chief," "Extraordinaire" and "Knickers." Of the trio, "Knickers" is by far the strongest, so it's only fitting that in this new year, our man J blesses us with a visual for the track.

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The clip starts with three dapper gentlemen being denied access to a hot nightclub after seeing a neon sign that implies that there are no knickers allowed. Looking down at their duds, the fellas are at a loss as to where they should go when one of them remembers a happening spot. From there, we're transported to a modern day version of the cotton club, with Jidenna acting as the bandleader. The setting is fitting, not only because of his throwback approach to style, but also because of the song's big band jazz sample that's woven into a banging hip hop aesthetic. Further cementing the mashup of old and new are the dancers, who are dressed in looks bringing the jazz age and today together as they jump, jive, bounce and twerk to the track. It's such a good time that not even the po-po busting in with Technicolor tear gas can stop the show, with the youngsters putting on gas masks as they continue to do their thing on the dance floor.

With the iron being this hot, we almost have no doubt that Jidenna will strike with a full-length debut soon (that is, if he knows what's good for him). While we wait and see what he'll bring this year, check out the video for "Knickers" right here.

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