TV One’s ‘Unsung’ Gets New Headliners


Not only are we getting a heap of new music this month, we’re also getting some more TV to satiate the musical historians among us. TV One is re-upping their collection of Unsung features starting January 14th, and we are so here for it. So which artists are they dusting off from the musical shelves and placing under the spotlight, you ask? Over the next few weeks, we get four new episodes of the series and an interesting line-up of former superstars. Rick James, Peaches & Herb, Angie Stone and Meli’sa Morgan headline the new season. We’re super curious and nosey to see these backstories, especially Rick James and Peaches & Herb, which were both supposed to air last year.

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In the past, we’ve learned the untold stories of artists like Bobby Womack, Gerald LeVert and Montell Jordan. What we love about Unsung is that we get the other side of the glitz and glam we often hope is their reality. While some of the episodes give us a serious case of the sads, a lot of them do end with a shiny light at the end of the musical tunnel. Check out the episode air dates below and be sure to take a trip down memory lane with Unsung. Let us know whose story you’re itching to see and if you’ve missed a few seasons, nine to be exact, you can catch a few old episodes of Unsung on the TV One website.

TV One Unsung episode air dates:

January 14th – Rick James

January 21st – Peaches & Herb

January 28th – Angie Stone

February 4th – Meli’sa Morgan

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