The 'Side Effex' Of Coultrain's New EP Are Sure To Leave A Mark

coultrain-side effex of make believe

Coultrain completes his bewitching tale of love through the eyes of Seymour Liberty with the release of his latest project, Side Effex of Make-Believe; divided for love's sake, and oh, what a tangled web he weaves. While we've heard previous singles, "Kiss of Death," "Like A Dusty Piano" and "The Introduction," he picks up where he left off with three more songs, the title track, "Let's Pretend It'll Last" and "Be a Darling and Pass the Jam (Hold That Thought)" on this six-track EP produced by Black Spade.

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Though the story is the same, Coultrain succeeds in perfectly encapsulating the way that love can get under your skin, providing both pleasure and pain simultaneously. The enchantress who captures the heart of Seymour Liberty has cast a spell that Coultrain cannot (and at times, doesn't want to) break free from. This mysterious muse inspires deep seated love one minute, then leads him to curse her existence in the very next breath, as evident in "Kiss of Death" when he ruminates "None other than a witch / an irresistible bitch (I love you)."

He paints a picture so clear that by the time I reached the EP's end, even I felt captivated by this nameless, faceless temptress. That's clearly a testament to Coultrain's ability to vocalize his pain, using his rugged voice to drive home the heaven and hell that he finds himself suspended in. While the game of love can be a cruel one way to play, when it feels and sounds this good, love is a worthy opponent. Side Effex of Make-Believe is available for digital release and on limited edition cassette tape release on Bandcamp.

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