Louis York & Jessie J Are ‘Heaven Bound’ In A Colorful Performance Video

Photo Credit: Louis York/YouTube

There are many different ways to approach a music video in this day and age. You can go high concept with all kinds of artistic flourishes. You can go cinematic and make your own mini movie. You can even go animated or make a museum-quality piece. Still, there’s nothing like just giving the audience a straight-up performance. That’s exactly what Louis York and Jessie J give us in the clip for their single “Heaven Bound.”

There’s just something about the way that Claude Kelly and Jessie J’s voices work together and that’s highlighted in the video. Filmed on an almost entirely yellow set, the crew of Claude, a very pregnant Jessie and Chuck Harmony on keys and guitar stand out in bright hues of purple and pink as they provide musical electricity.

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The trio performs like they are on stage at a stadium rather than a set with just a small crew. The two vocalists emit a stage presence as they take turns sharing the spotlight on their respective verses. But the biggest moment comes when Chuck launches into his guitar solo. It’s a big enough moment with just him, but when Jessie kneels on one knee to emulate his guitar playing, it takes it to another stratosphere.

We hope that when the other visuals from Songs With Friends arrive, they match this kind of energy. On that note, we also hope that we get a release date for the album sooner rather than later. Get into Louis York and Jessie J giving us a masterclass in performance when you watch the video for “Heaven Bound” right here.

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