Ravyn Lenae Turns Us 'Inside Out' With Her Talent For 'COLORS'

Photo Credit: COLORS/YouTube

The fact that Ravyn Lenae named her debut album HYPNOS is appropriate as it left us mesmerized by just how talented the rising singer is. With her feathery voice and left-of-center musical choices, the songstress never ceases to entertain and captivate. She showcases her growth since the release of her last EP Crush by making a return visit to the COLORS Studios to perform her inspirational track "Inside Out."

The singer takes the stage alongside harpist Nailah Hunter for the performance as the music swells around her. She offers a delicate, whispery vocal for this particular performance, emphasizing its personal nature. The song is all about finding love within yourself and shedding insecurities, so it's fitting that she exudes a peace and confidence in the performance.

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Ravyn also shows confidence with her outfit choice. While the COLORS Studios are usually color-coordinated with the performer's clothing, she wears a daring red, asymmetrical number that drapes around her torso. Under that, she wears bright green pants seemingly made of a similar material. It clashes against the mauve-colored background just enough to make her really stand out, bringing our eyes to her and the emotion she's evoking as she sings.

Now is definitely the time to shine for Ravyn Lenae, and she's doing so brilliantly. Get inspired by her message when you press play to watch her performance of "Inside Out" right here.

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