Ravyn Lenae Doesn't Miss With 'M.I.A.' & Announces Debut Album 'Hypnos'

Photo Credit: Ravyn Lenae/Twitter

Ravyn Lenae came correct at the start of the year by offering up two new jams — "Skin Tight" and "Light Me Up" — to get our juices flowing. Now she's keeping the same energy with the announcement that her debut album Hypnos will be arriving in less than a month. As if that weren't enough, she's also hitting us with the best single from the set yet with her new cut "M.I.A."

Sango and IAMNOBODI join forces to produce the track, and they do right by our girl. You can hear the crisp pop of Sango's influence in the track's drums while the slick synth work has IAMNOBODI written all over it. Ravyn makes the track her own, though, the minute her feather-soft vocal touches it.

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"I'm gonna run the town, ain't nothing in my way / If I miss the sun go down, might go to M.I.A.," she sings on the chorus. "Am I the one of this crowd? / Think that may be the case / Right when you see me round, might just go M.I.A." Meanwhile, the song's verses speak to Ravyn living her life freely and on her own terms.

"'M.I.A.' is about feeling free and comfortable in your skin," the singer said in a press release. "It’s a peek into my world — the duality of knowing the energy you bring to the world but also being confident in riding dolo."

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We're sure that energy is going to help her as she gears up to release Hypnos. The set will boast the aforementioned singles, and we're sure much more where they came from. Listen to "M.I.A." right here and then pre-order the project, which is set for release on May 20th.

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