Little Dragon Show Us The Light In The Visual For 'Frisco'

Photo Credit: Little Dragon/YouTube

If Little Dragon doesn't do anything else, they're going to give us a video that makes us go "hmm." The Swedish electronic outfit is never without an out-there concept, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Now, we're getting a glimpse of where their heads are at in 2022 with the video for their Opening The Door single "Frisco."

We picked up on the song's themes of opening oneself up to new opportunities and shining light upon first listen. The "Frisco" visual takes those ideas even further as we open with a dancer moving through a dark forest. Though darkness is all around him, he is constantly bathed in an almost-blinding light that obscures his features.

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As he journeys, he incorporates contemporary dance movements into his gait until he finally finds what he was looking for: a mysterious door that slowly opens. Its arrival changes the clip to black and white as another person joins him in his movement.

Little Dragon once again gives us something to contemplate while keeping us visually enthralled. See what we mean when you watch the video for "Frisco" below.

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