Hope Tala Returns To High School To 'Leave It On The Dancefloor'

Photo Credit: Hope Tala/YouTube

High school can be a tricky time in one’s development. Whether you ran with the cool kids or faded into the background among the wallflowers, we can all agree it’s a time filled with ups, downs and bouts of uncertainty. To further complicate matters, we likely put extra sauce on every situation thinking each decision during this pivotal period would make or break our future. If only our adult selves were there to calm our adolescent minds, assuring us that everything would work out fine. Though barely out of her teens, singer Hope Tala captures this sentiment in her latest single “Leave It On The Dancefloor.”

True to form, Tala made sure that the accompanying video was just as relatable and engaging as the pop-style bop. The scene is set in the detention hall at the fictional Talatown High School. We watch Hope and a small group of her fellow students transition from the den of boredom into a full-blown bashment fueled by bliss and independence.

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Hope and company (including some of her real-life friends) flip the classic movie Breakfast Club into a modern-day romp for "Leave It On The Dancefloor." The diverse students make getting sent to detention look downright fun.

“‘Leave It On The Dancefloor’ is all about community and friendship, so since the song’s inception, it made sense to me that the video should be set at a high school," Hope shared about the video's inspiration. "I was lucky that the director, Eliot Lee, took my creative vision and built it into a finished product I love; it was such a fulfilling collaboration.”

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Get your instant dose of happiness when you watch Hope Tala’s “Leave it On The Dancefloor” below, and be sure to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform. SoulBouncers on the West Coast can grab tickets to catch her as she opens for Florence + The Machine at the Hollywood Bowl on October 14th and 15th or when she makes her debut at the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico City on November 18th.

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