SiR Channels Classic Neo-Soul To Pay Tribute To His Love With 'Nothing Even Matters'

Photo Credit: SiR/YouTube

It looks like things are about to get Heavy for SiR. The singer-songwriter recently announced that would be the name of his third album in an interview with Okayplayer that divulged what inspired the project and its concept. In addition to that insightful interview, SiR is also giving us our third listen and look from the upcoming project with his new single "Nothing Even Matters" and its stylish video.

"Nothing Even Matters" is built on a D'Angelo vocal sample from his Voodoo classic "Send It On," which itself interpolated Kool & The Gang's "Sea Of Tranquility" from their eponymous 1969 debut album. Producer SamTrax smoothly flips the beat for a whole new generation to perfectly suit SiR's vocal and style.

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SiR, meanwhile, takes the moment to pay tribute to his loving wife and the incomparable love she gives him on a daily basis. "(I can't get enough) / Can't even picture my life without my girl / (Diamond in the rough) / Shine any brighter and you might save the world / (Baby, when we touch) / Nothin' even matters, no one loves me better / I want this forever, ever," he sings on the chorus with the conviction of a man hopelessly in love.

The song's video goes for style more than lyrical accuracy. We see the singer in dimly lit settings that cast visually interesting shadows over the whole affair while he's flanked by gorgeous dancers clad in black gear. Though the settings are dark, director Loris Russier always makes sure that there is a singular light source shining down on SiR and the ladies, perhaps reflecting on the lyrics' mention of "light" and "shine." Either way, it's a visually arresting choice that marries this clip to the ones for previous singles "Satisfaction" and "Life Is Good."

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Heavy's release date hasn't been announced yet. But, with three singles and visuals released from the project, its arrival is only a matter of time. Stream "Nothing Even Matters" right here and then stay put to watch its music video.

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