Little Dragon Announces New EP 'Opening The Door' With Lead Single 'Frisco'

Photo Credit: Little Dragon/Instagram

Little Dragon was set to light our 2020 on fire with their album New Me, Same Us and a globe-spanning supporting tour. Then the pesky COVID-19 pandemic came and rained on their and our parade. The group took it all in stride, though, and released the album as scheduled and came up with creative ways to catch our attention with a remix EP and their Drifting Out EP. The quartet continues their hold on us with the announcement of their upcoming three-song EP Opening The Door and its lead single "Frisco."

"Frisco" continues the musical through line that LD has been on for a few releases now. It's heavy on the synth — this time opting for a buzzy electronic bass and swirling synth chords and flourishes to pair with a shuffling drum rhythm. It's the perfect palette for frontwoman Yukimi Nagano and her poetic, introspective lyrics.

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"I never wanted to leave this behind / Chasing a dream always comes with a price / Pleasure alone never lasts the whole ride," she sings on the first verse. "No more regrets for the rest of my life / I be talking 'bout that." The song seems to be about opening oneself up to opportunities, with the singer evoking images of flight and shining light.

New Little Dragon is always a delight, and "Frisco" definitely satiates our appetite for new music from the group. We'll find out if the rest of the Opening The Door EP will do the same when it's released on September 16th. Listen to "Frisco" when you press play and stick around to see the tracklist for their upcoming EP.

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Little Dragon Opening The Door tracklist:

1. Frisco
2. Stay feat. JID
3. Peace feat. Stefan Sandberg

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