Cam Anthony Serves Up A Red Light Special In 'Keep It Between Us'

Photo Credit: Cam Anthony/YouTube

The Voice winner Cam Anthony made waves last month with the release of his debut single "Keep It Between Us." The singer's sound on the track is a welcome exploration of classic R&B that sets up some seriously sexy vibes. Now the rising star gives us a visual to match those bedroom vibes.

The clip is themed in red — from Cam's outfit to the wallpaper to the lights. It all sets up an air of passion that's only intensified by the singer's passionate vocal. He sings as he sits among roses in a variety of crimson looks, oozing a bit of modern-day sex appeal. But he's not the only one giving us a little something to see.

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Cam’s co-star floats in and out of frame as well while managing to look vivacious in scarlet-hued satin and fishnets sure to get raise his temperature. The video may be pretty simple in theme, but its focus on Cam Anthony and his performance ability gives a decent introduction to the talent who is sure to cause a stir.

Are you ready for Cam Anthony's red light special? Put on something sexy and meet us below to watch the video for "Keep It Between Us."

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