GoGo Morrow Wants To Get That Old Thing Back On 'I.O.U.'

Photo Credit: GoGo Morrow/YouTube

GoGo Morrow had us vibing when she dropped her single "In The Way" back in June. But if you thought that the singer didn't have another jam in the chamber, you thought wrong. Morrow, who is signed to Harmony Samuels' B.O.E. label, is back in a big way with her newest single "I.O.U."

Despite its name evoking the idea of paying back cash, there's a different type of repayment that GoGo is looking for on the track. She's with a new guy, but she's got a case of the ex something serious and she can't seem to stop thinking about he used to put it down.

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"I'm a good girl, but I ain't doin' / What a good girl supposed to do / New n***a get them thangs that you taught me / He owe you," she sings over the track's stuttering hi-hats and vocal sample. "Trippin' on my feelings / 'Cause I can't get over you / We got unfinished business / Imma put that on my IOU."

The blue-haired beauty illustrates her point even further in the song's music video. We see her rocking a blunt-cut bob and designer threads as she saunters through a gorgeous piece of real estate. She's not there alone, though, as it seems that this is her ex's crib. Eventually, she meets him in the bedroom to relight that fire (because what her man doesn't know won't necessarily hurt him).

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"I.O.U." once again shows just how talented GoGo Morrow truly is. We hope that we'll be hearing much more from her in the near future.

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