LION BABE Looks ‘So Pretty’ While Dancing In The New York City Streets

Photo Credit: LION BABE/YouTube

If you can’t tell, we’ve basically moved into the House Of LION BABE. The album is everything we need to sweat our cares out on the dance floor, and we simply can’t get enough. Luckily, it seems that LION BABE is willing to feed our appetite as they’ve been releasing single after single. And now visuals are on the menu as they drop the album’s first music video since its release for their single “So Pretty.”

The “So Pretty” visual is a throwback homage to early ’90s New York City. It begins with band members Jillian Hervey and Astro Raw lounging in their lo-fi studio as the track’s spoken intro begins. The crash of hi-hats then sends us into the NYC streets as viewed through the glitchy, grainy, distorted lens of a camcorder in the early 1990s. There, Jillian kicks, spins, struts and poses like the sidewalks are her own personal runway.

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The treatment is reminiscent of clips from ’90s dance acts like Deee-Lite and Black Box and gives us all the nostalgia. The visual isn’t just stuck in a time warp, though. It’s also about reintroducing the duo and reinventing their vibe for a new audience who might not know their neo-soulful beginnings.

Ooh, baby, this one is “So Pretty” indeed. We can only hope that LION BABE have more visual heat in store for this era. Get your fill of ’90s vibes and the gorgeous twosome when you watch their latest music video right here.

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