Tori Alamazé 'Cycles' Back For Her Chance In The Spotlight

Photo Credit: Bessie Akuba

Tori Alamazé may not be a household name, but she could've been if not for the dreaded Industry Rule #4080. She was poised to have a hit on her hands when she released the CeeLo Green-penned "Don't Cha" in 2004. Just when it was catching some steam, however, CeeLo ended up giving the track to The Pussycat Dolls for their debut album and the rest is unfortunately history.

You can't keep a talented artist down, though, and Tori came back with her EP Magick, Blessings & Bulls**t, Vol. 1 in 2021. The second volume of the series, Magick, Blessings & Bulls**t, Vol. 2, is set to arrive this summer and she prepares us for what's come with her new single "Cycles."

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"Cycles" finds Tori ready to end a relationship that's run its course. The song's slow-paced groove, with its throwback feel thanks to programmed drums and a lilting guitar loop, sets a somber tone to the proceedings. Meanwhile, the verses find her citing her reasons for being through with love, including her lover's lack of listening and his jaded demeanor. Love doesn't live within her anymore, though, and she's determined to let it go on the chorus. "I'm gon' break this cycle / No more love recycled / Almost drove me psycho / S**t got bad like Michael," she sings on the chorus as she prepares to move on.

We're happy to see Tori Alamazé back on our playlists and can't wait to hear more from her in the near future. Listen to "Cycles" when you press play and look for Magick, Blessings & Bulls**t, Vol. 2 to arrive this July.

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