Pete Philly Gets Personal On 'FTP' & 'All Day'

Photo Credit: Pete Philly/Facebook

Pete Philly is truly living his best life. After tying the knot with his true love last year in his Aruban homeland, the Amsterdam-based MC and vocalist kicked off the new year with intimate gatherings where he shared a heart-to-heart with his faithful fanbase. Those lucky enough to snag tickets were treated to convos and Q&As, freestyle sessions and previews of unreleased music. Now, the rest of us are getting to see what he’s been working on all this time, and it’s truly been worth the wait.

Earlier this year, Pete released his single “FTP” (short for "Free The People"), a dream for those whose hearts are rooted in '90s-style hip-hop. Noted as “a celebration of personal liberation,” the vibrant track was created in one take alongside Dutch musician and producer Alain Clark. Though the joy the two shared in creating the track is evident, the lyrics capitalize on the opportunity to express the need for universal freedom, though it starts within. Over the pop-friendly boom bap Philly declares, “I remember feeling stuck / I remember feeling I was outta luck / But now I struck by my own perfection / Basking in the light of my resurrection.”

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More recently, Pete continued along the path of self-reflection with the release of “All Day.” The smooth Jaap Kattevilder-produced track is a refreshing affirmation for pressing forward despite life’s uncertainty. Amid head nod-inducing percussion and spine-tingling keys, Pete’s vocals exude both pain and persistence as he recounts his past and drives toward his future noting, “Goodness gracious, what a hell of a ride / So many places, still I keep moving against the tide / Serve my creation so I don’t need to swallow my pride.” 

Though vastly different in style, both tracks showcase Pete’s versatility and his fearlessness. His transparency makes each track relatable while still serving the groove we need to move. Noting these releases as the “first of many to come,” we look forward to more of Pete’s signature style to carry us through the summer and beyond.       

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Listen to both tracks below and find them on your favorite streaming platforms.

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