FLO Opens Up Their 'Cardboard Box' With An Acoustic Take

Photo Credit: FLO/Instagram

We might be a little smitten with FLO. The British trio is helping us relive our early 2000s heyday with their look and sound thanks to the release of their debut single "Cardboard Box." The track, which was written by MNEK, is what the kids would call a bop and the ladies deliver the sass that the kiss-off anthem needs quite perfectly. But just in case you thought they might be more Milli Vanilli than Destiny's Child, the ladies are now showing off their skills with an acoustic performance of the song.

There's nothing too complicated about "Cardboard Box." It has straightforward, relatable lyrics and a singalong quality thanks to its earworm-y chorus. The ladies of FLO, however, show us where it can go with this version.

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The group adds in a few extras to the vocals early on, with their voices melting together in buttery smooth harmonies on the ad-libs and chorus as each girl in the group gets to shine. By the time we get to the bridge and their voices have fully warmed up, FLO then starts to show off with gospel-like inflections before each girl sings a piece of the chorus solo before pulling out all the stops for a lovely finish.

We're thoroughly impressed with FLO and their undeniable talents and can't wait to hear and see what else they've got in store. Allow us to show you that they're the indisputable truth when you peep their acoustic performance right here.

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