The Shindellas Are Ready For Summer With 'BBQs & Body Rolls'

Photo Credit: The Shindellas/YouTube

We're almost at Memorial Day weekend, which means the official start to summer is almost here. Some of us are already getting a taste of what the season is to bring as temperatures are beginning to rise across the country. If the vibes are correct, then it'll be giving hot fun in the summertime, wet and wild by the beach and — let The Shindellas tell it — BBQs & Body Rolls. That's the name of their forthcoming EP and they're introducing us to it with title track "BBQs & Body Rolls (Intro)."

The trio is perhaps best known for their throwback sound that includes tightly arranged harmonies reminiscent of girl groups of the past. Those harmonies are back for "BBQs & Body Rolls," but that throwback feel isn't. Instead, they update their sound with programmed drums and hi-hats that'll fit right in at a cookout in 2022.

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"We're giving you BBQs and body rolls," they sing on the soulful chorus. "The sun is heating up / Brown liquor in my cup / Ain't had a turnup in a while / So turn them speakers up." The verses, meanwhile, speak to a taxing year that deserves some summertime celebration and day drinking (which they commemorate with cheeky interpolation of Aretha Franklin's "Day Dreaming").

The video for the track is just as fun, as we see the ladies get picked up by their Weirdo Workshop fam Louis York as they head to the cookout/pool party to get their eat and drink on in their summer-ready 'fits showing off their summer bodies. The clip is basically the template for any gathering happening this summer (and the only kind that we'll be accepting invites to, thankyouverymuch).

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"BBQs & Body Rolls (Intro)" might sound a bit different from their Hits That Stick Like Grits, but it's obvious that The Shindellas still have the winning recipe down pat. So, of course, this is one EP we're looking forward to. Gon' 'head and get that cookout playlist together by checking out the title track and its video below.

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