Jade Novah Wants To Get 'Lost In You'

Photo Credit: Jade Novah/YouTube

If you frequent the social pages of Jade Novah, then you noticed that her Inner Js were back in recent weeks. The last time the singer's personas popped up in our feeds, it signaled that her amazing single "I Just Wanna Know" was here. The same is true here, as the short skits were there to herald Jade's latest single "Lost In You."

"Lost In You" is another beautifully romantic ballad from the songstress. This time around, she wants to sink deeper into the love she found after dealing with uncertainty in "I Just Wanna Know." Gentle acoustic guitar keeps the main melody of the song going as soft snaps and bumping drums give the song a bit of modern edge as she details exactly how she feels.

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"Its you and I / I ain't thinking 'bout what's outside / No I, nothing got anything on you right now / I'm addicted to the feeling / I just wanna get lost in you," she intimates on the chorus, making the listener feel as if they're enveloped in love with the singer.

Honestly, Jade Novah could sing the phone book to us, and we'd be throwing our adulation and dollars in her direction. The fact that she takes the time to craft well-written and endearing songs is just the icing on an already enticing cake. Allow her to make you fall in love with her all over again when you press play and then stick around to see her strut her stuff in the lyric video for "Lost In You" below.

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