Chxrry22 Owns Up To Her Indiscretions In 'The Falls'

Photo Credit: Shamaal Bloodman

Toronto native Chxrry22 (pronounced Cherry) is the latest artist to sign with XO Records, the label started by The Weeknd in 2011. Her career is off to a blazing start with the release of her first single, a buttery smooth cut entitled “The Falls.” 

The song title refers to Niagara Falls, one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. Beyond the title, it also plays a part in the story conveyed in the lyrics. “He had me in Niagara Falls, missin’ all your calls / We was in the moment, losing all control / Getting deep inside, felt alive / Can’t say I’m sorry, I've got too much pride," Chxrry22 sings on the chorus. 

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“The Falls” recounts the story of a woman in a committed relationship, but she has stepped out on her man. Chxrry22 deserves credit for holding herself accountable, but she is anything but apologetic when she sings, “Should you take me back? / You should probably know that I’ll do it again / Cause I do what I wanna.”

What makes this song unique is that although she admits to cheating, Chxrry22’s end game is not to reconcile. Instead, she chooses to be brutally honest with her man and move on. She is committed to keeping it 100 and going after what she wants, even at the expense of her relationship. 

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Musically, “The Falls” initiates with a spacey keyboard stab before the drums kick in then the bass as Chxrry22 adds her mellow, smooth vocal delivery to the mix. The production is tight, and her background vocals add depth to the song and help to emphasize the message. 

Chxrry22's "The Falls" is an impressive debut for this exciting new artist. Press play below to listen to the official audio for “The Falls.” Based on a recent Instagram post, it appears as if a supporting visual is in the works as well, so stay tuned. 

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