Kehlani Tells Us A 'little story'

Photo Credit: Kehlani/YouTube

Kehlani took us their "Altar" last September, with the exciting single acting as the introduction to the singer's promised album Blue Water Road. Now they're back to give us a bit more of the project with the release of its latest single, "little story," and accompanying music video.

Where "Altar" honored the singer's lost loved ones, "little story" seems to honor those who are still with them. Kehlani pours out a love story while singing to someone "with a face I couldn't lie to" as the singer relates why exactly they feel for them. "I want you to pick up the pen and write me into the story," Kehlani sings against the song's strains of acoustic guitar. "You know I love a story, only when you're the author / Tryna meet you at the altar / Workin' on bein' softer."

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That softer side is expressed in the song's black-and-white visual. We see the singer in minimal settings while surrounded by beautiful extras and lots of flowing white fabric. The motif seems to point to Kehlani's pure intentions, as the singer makes sure to give the camera plenty of eye contact as she looks on dreamily. Eventually, the clip comes to a close with Kehlani holding what appears to be their baby girl Adeya.

If "little story" and "Altar" are any indication, then Blue Water Road will be an introspective affair for Kehlani. We're ready to hear more whenever the singer decides to set an official release date for the project.

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