Andra Day Wants To ‘Make Your Troubles Go Away’

Andra Day first came into prominence when she released her seminal anthem “Rise Up” back in 2015. Though her musical output has been minimal since her debut album Cheers To The Fall, the song has proven to have legs and is trotted out on a regular basis — especially when a little inspiration is needed during a hard time. Andra is back now to give us another possible anthem with her new single “Make Your Troubles Go Away.”

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Like “Rise Up,” “Make Your Troubles Go Away” is another simple arrangement. The composition of the song is mainly a heartfelt piano and Andra’s own voice, with soft strings accenting it all as the song progresses. This arrangement allows the song’s lyrics to shine through as she makes note that quick fixes won’t aid the healing process, but she will do what she can to ease the pain of those she loves. “You’ve been looking for the quick fix / And it’s leaving you helpless / But I would give you all of me to make your troubles go away,” she sings on the song’s searing chorus.

The singer is also making a statement with the song as proceeds from the track will go to GiveDirectly, an organization that is providing monetary relief for families hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. “I just wanted to find the right time and place for it and this felt like the right time and place,” she told TIME. “This was before the protests, but it was in the midst of COVID and we saw how COVID was disproportionately affecting our community and how much more underprivileged people were struggling with this virus and how it was affecting them here and in other nations around the world. So it was just like what can I do? I know I can’t give much. I’m not that big of a name. But what can I do with my platform?”

Check out the lyric video for “Make Your Troubles Go Away” below and join Andra Day in helping the cause by buying your own copy of the song.

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