Lion Babe Launches 'Around The World At Home Virtual World Tour' & Admits They 'Can't Get Enough'

Despite not being able to tour and perform before live audiences, New York-based duo Lion Babe has figured out a way to still deliver the live concert experience to their fans with their newly-announced Around The World At Home Virtual World Tour.

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In partnership with music venues and concert promoters around the world, frontwoman Jillian Hervey and her musical partner Lucas Goodman will perform live on the venues' Instagram pages. Each free performance will be available by region to ensure fans can still have a localized experience. The tour is set to kick off Saturday, May 2nd in South Africa before making virtual stops in the U.K., Germany, Brazil, Australia, the U.S., Japan, Canada, France, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Danish artist Kwamie Liv will handle the opening duties on each stop.

Fans will also be able to leave with more than just the musical memories thanks to a virtual dating experience with meet-and-greets hosted on the respective Instagram channels one week prior to each performance allowing fans to connect with one another. Virtual attendees will also get a chance to hear new music for the first time. One of the songs they are sure to perform is their latest single "Can't Get Enough," which dropped on all digital platforms today. The acoustic song presents a more stripped-down sound for Lion Babe, allowing for Hervey's dreamy vocals to really shine on the melancholy look at the addictive cycle we can fall into when it comes to love and life.

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Check out the soothing latest single and be sure to hop on over to Lion Babe's official website to RSVP for their virtual tour stop in a region near you.

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