Shaun Ross Has Another Musical Breakthrough With 'Chrysalis'

Model-turned-singer Shaun Ross first showed off his musical talent last year when he gave us his debut single "Symmetry." The soulful cut, produced by Brook D'Leau, was unexpectedly good in both sound and message, encouraging us all to look beyond the physical and embrace the beauty within. Now, a little over a year later, he returns with his follow-up single "Chrysalis."

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Instead of continuing in the R&B vein that he started off with on "Symmetry," he switches gears to go full-on house for "Chrysalis." The song starts slow and slightly somber at first, giving Shaun a chance to show off his vocals, which echo throughout as the anticipation for the beat to drop builds. And when it does, it begins a musical journey of epic proportions. Brook shares production duties with Om'Mas Keith here and the two of them create a synth-heavy, danceable ditty that shuffles and sways. Lyrically, Shaun collaborates with Brook, Om'Mas and Rush Davis as he continues spreading his message of self-love and self-discovery. He encourages listeners to grow throughout the track before commanding that they "shed the chrysalis" in order to step into their purpose.

“Transformation and triumph always seem to be the biggest points of my life," Shaun told High Snobiety about the song. "The darkness of my inner obstacles is where I submerge my beliefs in hopes to find light. I want to shed my tears as I shed my skin to grow into something much more beautiful than my eyes could ever imagine. I want to be alive. I want this song to move through you and you tell me what sheds. I hope you have a breakthrough, as I know I have had one. There is so much more music being created and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

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Have your own breakthrough when you listen to Shaun Ross' latest below.

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