‘Pay Up’ & Party With Rapsody

In the past few days, GRAMMY-nominated rapper Rapsody has delivered a double dose of sassy, feminine energy. Following the release of her collaboration with Alex Da Kid and H.E.R on the seductive track “Go,” the Snow Hill, North Carolina-native has dropped the visual for “Pay Up,” her modern-day twist on TLC‘s 1999 mega-hit “Scrubs.” The fourth single from her critically-acclaimed album Laila’s Wisdom, “Pay Up” sends a message to all the ladies whose eyes light up at the sight of a Birkin bag or an exclusive pair of Louboutin’s, as well as the men who are perfectly content laying up under a woman who’s about her paper.

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Her first verse is dedicated to the female gold-digger as she raps, “All you got to offer is to love her better, better than the rest / I told her, ‘You ain’t need a dime to be better than the best’ / Thought it would impress, picked her a bouquet / She only want new boots like Beyoncé.” But before the men begin to point fingers and nod in agreement, Rapsody has a read for them as well. “He just wanna lay up in yo’ place / Livin’ off yo’ income, chillin’ all day / Borrowed her car and bring it back on low tank / With his homeboys’ homeboys playing 2k.” We all know folks on both sides of that coin.

The Brian Petchers-directed video begins with an unsuspecting and unprepared man entering his woman’s home with a bouquet of flowers, ready to celebrate their anniversary. Not only did his lady have time that day, she’s surrounded by her girlfriends who also scoff at his sentimental gift. As we watch further, we realize that the dramatic scene is actually part of a movie that plays in between performance shots of Rapsody at the movie theater and a rousing house party. In contrast to the track’s “materialism over love” subject matter, the video is not quite as heavy, as it exudes pure joy and happiness.

Watch Rapsody’s “Pay Up” below, and you’ll likely forget all about your red bottoms and your paper, and find yourself bouncing along to the Ka$h Don’t Make Beats and Khrysis-produced track and singing along to its catchy chorus.


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