Alex Da Kid, H.E.R. & Rapsody Are Ready To Let It All ‘Go’

We’ve all been there. Whether you’ve been bold enough to call or you opt to send a drunk text and blame it on the alcohol in the morning, we’ve all towered when toying with forbidden fruit. For his latest single “Go,” British producer Alex Da Kid teams up singer/songwriter H.E.R. and GRAMMY-nominated rapper Rapsody to tell the lustful tale of a woman, fueled by liquid courage, who’s about ready to throw caution to the wind. H.E.R.’s seductive tone sounds as if her mind is already made up as she sings, “And I’ll need a drink to be bold / It’s hard to commit when I’m sober / So dangerous when I’m alone / So stay with me ’till we’re hungover.” Rapsody echoes this sentiment during her verse. “Too loose off Ace and this rum to ever bite on my tongue / I’m bold, I’m typin’ in bold when I text you baby uh-huh / This liquor got me on one, no filter, say what I want / The most truthful when I’m drunk off love,” the femcee flows.

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Everything about this track screams temptation, from its penetrating bass line to the sensual string section. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the steamy scene, while still leaving much to the imagination of the listener. According to Alex, “The song is about exploring the idea of escapism and all the multiple layers that come with that.” Known for his work with the likes of Rihanna, Eminem and B.O.B., the London-based artist was seemingly just as thoughtful in his selection of collaborators. He says, “I also wanted to work with two strong up-and-coming female artists that have interesting stories to tell.” Interesting indeed, and we’d loved to hear more from this talented threesome.

Give Alex Da Kid’s “Go” featuring H.E.R. and Rapsody a spin below, and it might just be the excuse you need to let your drunken tongue speak for your sober mind.

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