Big Boi, Killer Mike & Jeezy Take Ghetto Fab To The Next Level In ‘Kill Jill’ Video

In anticipation of his third solo album Boomiverse, Big Boi has given us a feast for the ears. The rap legend dropped two singles, “Mic Jack” featuring Adam Levine and “Kill Jill” featuring Killer Mike, Jeezy and an uncredited Rock D the Legend. The video for “Mic Jack” was an over-the-top affair heavy on the fantasy. That theme continues in the clip for “Kill Jill,” where Big Boi and his fellow ATL representers stunt in a lavish world just outside of your project window. The cinematic clip takes inspiration from Game of Thrones and Japanese gangster movies, while grounded in the ghetto fabulousness of trap music.

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The visual begins with General Andre Patton enjoying a quiet evening at his mansion, entertaining his close friends in the Yakuza and getting his portrait painted. Nothing fancy. The opening also features some rather prominent product placement, including Beats headphones, Ciroc vodka and Drummer electric cigarettes. After the bills are paid, the festivities begin with a trio of geishas dancing to the Hatsune Miku sample that opens the song. However, once the beat drops, we get to see a few chocolate divas give us the ghetto fab version of the geishas dropping it quite low. Each of our protagonists is featured in their own special vignettes. Killer Mic is money laundering, Young Jeezy is getting his suit picked over for lint in the moonlight, Rock D the Legend is cruising through the hood with a Harajuku girl in tow, and Big Boi sits upon multiple thrones, taking his place among rap royalty.

A throwback to the heyday of rap when music videos had budgets, “Kill Jill” is an entertaining clip from beginning to end. While the fantasy aspects border on the ridiculous, with no real rhyme or reason beyond looking cool, it doesn’t make the eye candy any less enjoyable.

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