DAWN Innovates Again In The Interactive Video For ‘Lazarus’ & ‘Love Under Lights’

DΔWN doesn’t mind pushing the envelope when it comes to, well, anything. Her music is genre bending, mixing folk with funk and a good bit of electronica. However, her music videos are where the singer really shines. Working with frequent collaborator Monty Marsh, she’s created visual compositions that are inspired from both a creative and technical standpoint. The video for “Not Above That” utilized virtual reality, while “Cali Sun”  was a 3D masterpiece. Her latest, a combo video for the songs “Lazarus” and “Love Under Lights” pushes her creativity even further with an interactive 3D experience.

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The “Lazarus” part of the video finds DΔWN gyrating and dropping it like it’s hot in a loft dance studio while wearing a white skimpy outfit complete with leg warmers, her hair aflutter with every step. The “Titans” singer’s dynamic movement perfectly embodies the song’s message of rebirth. As far as the special effects go, not much happens beyond the inset screen changing position and the framing device lighting up with a few clicks. But when you’ve got booty bouncing, do you really need much more?

For “Love Under Lights,” DΔWN steps it up a bit. This clip is a fully animated and 3D interactive experience. The center screen becomes one with the frame, allowing users to interact in a variety of ways with all of the effects happening on their screen. While it does feel more like a novelty here than an innovation of the form, it’s still a cool execution for a song about loving freely and openly without restraints.

“Lazarus/Love Under Lights” is the latest video released from DΔWN’s latest album, REDEMPTION. If you’re on your computer, click play to get into this rather interesting achievement (it, unfortunately, isn’t optimized for mobile) and make sure you click to get the most out of the interactive experience.

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