Marie Dahlstrom Has Love On The Brain With ‘All You Have’ & ‘Mine’


Writer, producer, composer, cognitive neuroscientist of music and all-around blue-eyed soul wunderkind Marie Dalhstrom continues to make music that touches our hearts and souls. She continues her amazing track record with “All You Have” and “Mine,” songs that are perfect for cuffing season and utilize her jazz-laced soul sensibilities.

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The first track, “All You Have,” is a tender ballad about finding love when you least expect it and falling hard. The song starts with the haunting lyrics, “I think you started something / I didn’t know any better / I just wanted nothing / I didn’t know any better.” Caught off guard, the Scandinavian beauty is caught up in thoughts and feelings she never wanted, singing lovesick statements such as, “Your imperfections make you perfect.” Ms. Dahlstrom sounds like she’s got it bad. Her feelings are underscored by a laid-back guitar riff paired with ‘90s hip-hop drums.

Marie continues to ask her lover to give her his everything with “Mine.” Ms. Dahlstrom is looking for confirmation that the object of her obsession feels the the same way she does, pining for him to give her the title or the ring or some token of couplehood. However, the light and airy synthy groove, courtesy of Pelle Blarke, makes her obsessive lyrics feel less like crazed mania and more like an intimate expression of the cold hard facts of the situation: she’s smitten and she can’t deny it.

“All You Have” can be found on Ralph Hardy Presents: Growing Pains 2, while “Mine” is apparently the second single from Dahlstrom’s upcoming EP, 0.0. We aren’t sure when the project will drop, but judging from her past projects Gloom and The Renditions, not to mention the first single “One More Reason,” it can’t come soon enough.

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