Lupe Fiasco Wants You To ‘Pick Up The Phone’


When he’s not playing Street Fighter with gamers all over the world, Lupe Fiasco is dropping new and unexpected music along with a video. The Chicago rapper just released the visuals for his mid-tempo single “Pick Up the Phone,” which is a conscious offering about being present for the ones you love. Featuring vocals from Sebastian Lundberg, who sings, “Hello, can you hear me? / Hello, are you there?,” you may think it’s a phone commercial. But it’s really a message about the adverse affects of technology and how we depend on it. “Now every ring’s a sting and everything I taught ya / Is coming back around to me, just like revolvers / And every single click is just hammering it home / Who knew Russian roulette involved answering the phone?” Lupe raps over the violin-heavy beat.

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Ironically, in the video, technology actually saves a life. A significant other has trouble reaching his loved one until he pieces together what she’s been up to from her lack of response and her Snapchat. He goes through the day texting and calling her repeatedly to no avail as Lupe raps in a city background. Watch the compelling video to see what happens when bae rushes to be by his girl’s side.

Lupe last released a surprise mixtape, Pharaoh Height, last summer and dropped his fifth studio album, Tetsuo & Youth, early last year and has since been performing here and there and waging video game wars with the likes of Joe Budden on Twitter. He’s supposedly releasing three final albums, DROGAS, DROGAS Light and SKULLS, by the end of this year and, according to a tracklist he released to fans, “Pick Up the Phone” appears on DROGAS Light. There’s no telling what Lupe will lace us with next, but we’re ready and willing to receive it. You can cop “Pick Up the Phone” on iTunes and check out the visuals to his latest single below. See if you can stay off your phone while you watch it.

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