Yuna Switches It Up With 'Lanes'


While she's flirted with a multitude of musical styles throughout her career, Yuna's upcoming Chapters looks to be aiming squarely for R&B territory. She already hooked us when she dropped lead single "Places To Go" and then she went and wooed us even further with the dreamy duet "Crush." With the album's release date drawing near, Yuna delivers another stunner with her latest single, "Lanes."

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"Lanes" is a shimmering slow jam that finds Yuna questioning whether what she has is actually genuine love. "If this is love, you can keep it," she sings at one point. "You call this love, and don’t respect it / If this is love, why am I hurting?” Her quiet contemplation takes place over top notch production (that may or may not be courtesy of Robin Hannibal) that could be a modern cousin of Janet Jackson's late '80s slow jams (think "Someday Is Tonight" and "Funny How Time Flies"). Airy, atmospheric synths set the mood as other lines twinkle and flourish against the knock of 808s and trappy hi-hats. It all pairs well with Yuna's emotional vocal performance, portraying a woman who's at the end of her emotional rope yet still assertive about exactly what she wants in love.

Chapters will arrive in stores May 20th and, if the singles are any indication, might be one of Yuna's best yet. Check out "Lanes" right here and pre-order the album on iTunes.

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