Kraak And Smaak & Mayer Hawthorne Lay Down Addictive Funk On ‘I Don’t Know Why’


Dutch production trio Kraak and Smaak are known for their diabolically infectious funk concoctions. They’ve cooked up some pretty sweet jams and refixes, such as their take on Aretha Franklin’s “Think” and “Let’s Go Back” with Romanthony of Disclosure fame. Given their already formidable production skills, it should be a sin for them to hook up with the ever-impressive Mayer Hawthorne. In fact, their collaboration, “I Don’t Know Why,” is just wrong for all the right reasons.

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“I Don’t Know Why” is dance track about trying to get over a past flame but being unsure of how to shake them. However, what you will do is shake your groove thing when that symphonic bass line drops. From the bass guitar grooves to the bouncy synths, this jam never lets up. Mayer’s clean, clear and immaculate vocals grab hold of you and refuse to let you go. Maybe the four of them should form a supergroup, because we can’t get enough of this high quality funk ish! It’s good clean fun where you’ll only have to worry about sweating out your weave, throwing out your hip or a rather offensive odor when you finally leave the dance floor.

“I Don’t Know Why” deserves a place on your next late night dance mix, towards the end of the night but not to close out dance floor. It offers just the right funk fix to keep the party going. ‘I Don’t Know Why” is featured on Kraak and Smaak’s upcoming album, Juicy Fruit. You can pre-order the album full of what’s sure to be addictive jams on iTunes now and get the single instantly.

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