Nicholas Ryan Gant Celebrates Life In 'Chance'


Today is a big day for SB fave Nicholas Ryan Gant, who releases his new EP MAZE to the masses. We've been getting samples of the set since late last year with songs like "Everything" and "Chance" stoking or anticipation, and now that MAZE (which features production by Kriswontwo) is here, we can't stop listening. The set, which features some of the singer's finest work, is sure to put a smile on your face, and to celebrate its arrival, Mr. Gant drops a happy-go-lucky video for "Chance."

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As if the song's positive message wasn't enough to put you in a good mood, NRG captures the sunshine-y vibe quite perfectly in the clip. We find him in the graffiti-covered streets of New York City. He's dressed in his usually colorful garb, with kente cloth pants, a denim jacket and a t-shirt that proclaims "I Love Black People." He's also rocking a sweet pair of wireless headphones that we presume are playing his latest single. Soon, a smiling Nicholas is sharing his headphones with locals, each of whom break out into their own happy dance after hearing the infectiously upbeat ditty for themselves. He soon has a small dance crew that happily cuts a few steps with him as well as shares a few good-hearted laughs. If the feel-good clip doesn't put a smile on your face today, then we're afraid that nothing probably will.

Check out the visual for "Chance" below and then run — don't walk — to pick up MAZE at your digital retailer of choice now.

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