Disclosure Continue The ‘Caracal’ Visual Narrative With ‘Jaded’


We’ve heard more than a few sounds from Disclosure‘s upcoming album, including the latest banger “Hourglass” with collaborators Lion Babe. But if you thought that was all you would get before its release, you were mistaken. The Lawrence brothers still have their sci-fi themed video series accompanying Caracal‘s release, and they continue it with their latest video, “Jaded.”

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Picking up directly where “Omen” left off, we see our protagonist, Mariela, captured by some shady individuals as she undergoes hypnosis. The procedure seems to bring out many characters within Mariela, with some people that we’ve never seen before and the boys of Disclosure themselves, especially Howard Lawrence, who is the featured vocalist on this particular track. As the electronic beat pulses and swirls, more and more people switch places with Mariela in her clear acrylic chair, much to the amazement of the shady government entities observing the process. However, a ghostly digital visage soon emerges from the room and chases the suits away. But what about our heroine? We don’t get see what exactly happens to her, but we’re sure there’s another chapter to this story coming soon.

Speaking of coming soon, Caracal, which will also feature collaborations with The Weeknd, Miguel and pop darling Lorde, will arrive in stores on September 25th, which is just a little over a week away. While you countdown the days, take a peek at “Jaded” below.

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