Stella Santana Is Ready To ‘Switch’ Things Up


In today’s world of instant gratification, waiting over a year for something can seem like an eternity. Well, that’s how long we’ve been waiting for Bounce-Worthy artist Stella Santana to bless us with a music video for her dreamy 2014 song “Switch.” To be fair, she’s in good company, joining artists like Jesse Boykins III and Chris Turner who also waited more than a year to release accompanying visuals for some of our favorite tracks. And she certainly proves she’s worth the wait, because watching this video makes us love the song even more…and yet, simultaneously, it feels like we’re hearing it for the first time.

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The Taryn “Teek” Anderson-directed visuals focus on Stella wallowing in her apartment after a breakup. We hear a voicemail from her ex, talmbout how much he misses her, how sorry he is and how badly he wants to see her. Feeling lonely and missing him back, Stella agrees to see him, promising to wear “the thing” he likes. Looks like tonight will be on and poppin! But the sting of heartbreak strikes again, reminding her why they broke up in the first place. In an interview with Billboard magazine, Stella explains, “I wanted to go through that first day when you wake up after you’ve broken up with someone and it hurts…You can’t figure anything out so I wanted the video to show that pain.” Hit the play button below to watch it all unfold.

If you want more of Stella (and why wouldn’t you?), keep scrolling to check out her recent interview with Sway Calloway where she does some freestyle and also shares some of her new song “You First,” which will be featured on her debut album Selfish, set to be released this fall. You can also catch the previously released visuals for another 2014 single, “Friends.” While we wait for the album, be sure to follow her on Twitter and Facebook, or sign-up for updates via her website.

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