Raury Warns Us About The 'Devil's Whisper'

Photo Credit: Columbia Records

To say that up-and-coming and underage singer Raury has been busy would be an understatement. Finally able to tour and record without a permission slip from his mom (no seriously), he left the nest and has found fortune, fame and mad props from musical legends. His latest single, “Devil’s Whisper,” is inspired by those experiences, offering a cautionary tale of the evils that tempt young souls.

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“Devil’s Whisper” is a hand-clapping, foot-stomping, guitar-strumming tune that brings to mind thoughts of Brer Rabbit stories whispered on back country roads. While clearly a rock folk song, Raury also imbues the track with soulful harmonies and some African chanting, creating a cacophony of melodic sounds. The music parallels the cautionary tale nature of the lyrics, warning the listener to beware the charms of the devil and to get some business about themselves. Bringing his message on home, Raury spits, “I’m not trying to be a preacher, I was not a reverend / But I can take your ass to church and show you glimpses of heaven.”

As a boy who would be king, Raury has delivered an impressive track that makes good on his promise of being the next big thing. While clearly in his wheelhouse, “Devil’s Whisper” is a soul-stirring track worthy of the legacy of Atlanta’s other conscious superstars, but also showing that the kid has his own thing going.

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