SoulBounce Exclusive: Collective Peace & Amp Fiddler Have Throwback Fun In Detroit In ‘Soul Bounce’


There have only been a handful of songs released so far this year that have been love at first listen, and Collective Peace‘s single “Soul Bounce” has been one of those coveted few. The track not only became a fast favorite here at SoulBounce thanks to its name, but the song lives up to its title and makes our souls bounce thanks to its funky dance groove courtesy of Collective Peace and featuring the smooth vocals of Amp Fiddler and band member Ideeyah.

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Our love affair with the song won’t be ending any time soon (if ever), and now we have something else to obsess over with the song’s music video that SoulBounce is also happy to world premiere.

Set in present-day Detroit, home to both Collective Peace and Fiddler, the video opens with Amp driving through the city in a vintage, teal Pontiac giving ’70s cat daddy realness. He is digging the scene with gangsta lean as he’s rolling round town and reaches his destination. He struts outta his whip and into La Casa Detroit Cigar Bar where he’s the bartender. In comes a couple who are out for a date and stop through for a drink, which Amp serves up with a song and dance.

After they toast and drink up, the lovebirds decide to continue their date elsewhere and take a walk where they pass by Collective Peace co-founder Saxappeal bopping down the street with a boombox. They look at him sideways and share a laugh before they move on to the next location, Spectacles Detroit. This is where we find Ideeyah rocking her flyest ’80s gear while working behind the counter. She is funky fresh dressed to impress as she sings her verse and helps them shop.

The soulmates’ day-long outing doesn’t end there. They have one more stop to make at Silent Riot Studios where there’s a ’90s party popping off. All of the partygoers have on their dopest throwback outfits and are doing the latest dances from 1992. Things really turn up with KetchPhraze starts rocking the mic with his rap, and everybody is having the time of their lives at the jammy jam.

The “Soul Bounce” visuals are directed by Mario “Khalif” Butterfield who does a great job of capturing a few legendary Detroit spots and subtly taking viewers through different eras while keeping it current. Kudos to Collective Peace for repping for their city and keeping it entertaining and us bouncing in the process in their very first video. See what all the excitement is about when you watch the “Soul Bounce” music video right here, and stay tuned for more from Collective Peace with their debut album, Introducing Collective Peace, on the horizon.

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