Antoine Dunn Declares 'I'm Gonna Love You'


Singer/songwriter/producer Antoine Dunn is gearing up for the release of his sophomore album this summer with a new single and music video to whet appetites. The Cleveland native pours his heart and soul into "I'm Gonna Love You" as he sings to his lady that he's going to fight for her love despite his past indiscretions almost destroying what they had. He's desperately trying to clean up what he messed up. We can certainly appreciate that sentiment from Dunn, and we're also digging the visuals.

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The video opens with Dunn and his significant other laying in bed together sleeping. Well, Antoine is fast asleep but his woman is watching him and seething with every breath he takes. She gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom to cry, smoke a cigarette, drink some wine and try to get her mind right and out of her feelings. The scene changes and we see the couple in a happier light while kicking it with friends, sipping from red cups and celebrating her birthday with a cake. Finally, we see the two of them back in bed together cuddled up with all seemingly forgiven as they drift off to sleep. Antoine Dunn may have done something wrong, but he sang all the right words to make it better.

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