Azealia Banks Reigns Supreme In 'Ice Princess'

Azealia Banks Ice Princess Still

What's cooler than being cool? If Azealia Banks' latest single "Ice Princess," lifted from her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste, is to be believed, it's Azealia herself. The track itself finds Azealia spitting hot fire over a frosty beat as she flexes on men and women alike, letting them all know that she'll take anything you think you might have.

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Like with her other videos, Azealia decided to go a bit left of center for this clip, becoming a glacial Medusa thanks to some inventive makeup and a hell of a lot of CGI. Obviously having a lot of fun, Azealia saunters, struts and strikes powerful poses as her icy alter ego while her faceless and loyal subjects do her bidding. She even eventually goes to war with what's best described as a volcano that spews colorful blobs of light. While there admittedly isn't much else going on here, it's still a pretty badass video treatment, made even more badass by Azealia's IDGAF attitude and willingness to go to extremes.

Will you be down to chill with Azealia's "Ice Princess" visuals? Why don't you take a peek right here and find out.

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