Kadesh Says All We Need Is 'Love'


Kadesh, also known as Desiree Coleman Jackson — wife of former Golden State Warriors coach and current ESPN analyst Mark Jackson — has dropped her song entitled "Love," and her timing couldn't be better.

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The Rodney Jones Jr.-produced track is a call to arms — or more of a call to the audience to raise them and wrap them around your family, your friends or even complete strangers in an effort to bring more love and positivity into the world. Throughout the tune, Kadesh reminds us of the struggles faced by children whose parents are emotionally and physically absent, about the stranger who is down on his luck but to whom a helping hand hasn't been extended and urges each of us to give a little more love in the aftermath of ISIS, Michael Brown Jr. and a number of divisive conflicts going on at home and around the globe.

Spiritual in nature but a bit secular in sound, "Love" may be reaching high to be the next "Man in the Mirror." That may be a bit of a stretch, but the message and the music work well together to at least get listeners to stop and think about how they can contribute to the cure.

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