Low Leaf Is 'Free' To Be Herself


Los Angeles-based singer Low Leaf is a multi-talented artist on a cosmic mission to help our collective consciousness evolve to its highest state. The artist, who has roots in the Philippines, has long been an advocate for self-enhancement through freedom of expression. In addition to making beats, she plays the harp, guitar and piano (among other instruments). With Bohemian flair, she creates art and music influenced by new age enlightenment and sprinkled with psychedelic musings.

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Having recently completed a European tour with Zeroh, she has now unveiled the visuals for “Set Me Free,” a single from her album, AKASHAALAY, which dropped earlier this year. Written, produced and mixed by Low Leaf, the song showcases a futuristic, experimental sound as beautiful and unpredictable as the artist herself. She also directed and edited the video as well, opting for a simple, laid-back approach by filming in her own bedroom and neighborhood.

Curious about the album’s title? According to Low Leaf, “'Akasha' in Sanskrit means 'ether' and 'pag-aalay' in Tagalog means 'an offering.' It was my first project that had an intention beyond my own personal expression, as it is an offering to the Philippines.” Released on indie record label Fresh Selects, AKASHAALAY -- originally released via cassette (yes, you read that correctly) and digital download -- is now available on vinyl, remastered and complete with bonus content such as handwritten lyrics and hidden messages. To learn more about Low Leaf and her “create-or-die” credo, visit her website.

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