Mary J. Blige Spells Out Her ‘Whole Damn Year’

Mary J Blige WDY Lyric Still

With The London Sessions, it looks like Mary J. Blige is going to release one of the best  albums of her career (if not the best). But before she drops her masterpiece on the masses, she has to get the word out. Hence, she offers up the lyric video for her single “Whole Damn Year.” The somber, emotional song about heartache is classic Mary filtered through a London lens. Fitting, then, that MJB uses the streets of London to help illustrate the lyrics to her song, which appear in block letters along the skyline. But she doesn’t just use cityscapes to get her point across. As the seasons are are mentioned in the songs hook, the scenery changes to reflect the weather, allowing us to experience the mood of the song.

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With four songs from the album currently floating around, it’s a toss up which ones will get full videos, but with its emotional lyrics and this mood-perfect lyric video, we’re definitely rooting that we get to see the story of this song told with an official clip.

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