Moonchild Give Us A Look At ‘The Truth’


Moonchild‘s latest album, the stellar collection Please Rewind, is the truth, which is ironically the same name of their current single. “The Truth” has gotten the music video treatment, and it’s as soothing and serene as the track itself. Director Holly Port captures Moonchild outdoors enjoying some time with nature and on stage performing where they are really in their element. Lead singer Amber Navran is the primary focus of the black-and-white clip, but her bandmates Andris Mattson and Max Bryk also get some screen time to shine.

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The Los Angeles-based three-piece have a couple of West coast shows on their itinerary for October. Oakland Bouncers can check Moonchild out on October 12th at Sundays In The Redwoods, and October 25th will find them in Phoenix at the Arizona Jazz Festival. Get a sneak peek at these three in action live in concert toward the end of this music video.

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