J*DaVeY Are Back Again & With A 'Deadly' Force


At SBHQ, we're still chewing and digesting J*DaVeY's comeback single "Love? Yeah!" as the drop pretty much caught us off guard last week. But we're going to happily clear our plates as the LA duo are back piling on a second helping of some of their good ol' sonic soulfulness. Brewed in a dizzying web of oscillating percussive beats and twisty hip-hop flavored key changes, "Deadly" continues to have Miss Jack and Brook D'Leau in innovative standing. But this time, instead of being caught up in the rapture of love, Miss Jack stabs into the mesh of synths with sneering lyrics that promptly call out some dude who is just all around "dead wrong." Apparently, this sodium filled song is autobiographical, but Miss Jack isn't elaborating further and neither does the cryptic video for "Deadly" that is plastered on the group's homepage at current. Hmmm. Maybe we'll get the full story when J*DaVeY's long-anticipated Rookie project arrives in the coming future. For now, dive into the freebie download and try to unearth some clues of your own.

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