Bounce-Worthy: Daryn Alexus


The Washington, DC area is hotbed of musical talent. Many singers have grown up and been groomed in the DMV, including Toni Braxton, Kenny Lattimore and Maysa. But one thing that they also all have in common is that they had to leave the Nation’s Capital for their big break. Spreading their wings benefited them creatively and professionally. The tale is a familiar one and one that continues be told by a new generation of artists, such as singer/songwriter Daryn Alexus.

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She now calls Chicago home, but Alexus is DC-born and -bred, and like many a talented teen she attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts. College is what took her to Chi-town, where she attended Columbia College Chicago. In addition to being a college graduate, she is also a recording artist with three projects to her credit, the most recent of which is the album, GREEN. The new album is only a few weeks old, but it is her strongest collection to date and showcases Alexus’ vocal and songwriting talent and her R&B sounds.

Vocally, Daryn Alexus at times sounds like the lovechild of Janelle Monáe and Teedra Moses. This can best be heard on the first single “Go Wild,” where she channels her inner Janelle Moses on an energetic track with live drums and piano. Her spoken interlude and the drum ‘n’ bass breakdown on the bridge turn the party up to 10. The celebration bleeds over onto the visuals with a fun music video filled with technicolor graphics and animal prints galore.

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