Kendra Morris Cuts Her ‘Teeth’ In The East Village

Kendra Morris Teeth Still

Kendra Morris is currently hard at work on her third studio album, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t go back and revisit the first. Banshee, which she released in 2012, is getting the re-release treatment overseas and to commemorate the occasion, Kendra has released a video for European bonus track “Spitting Teeth.” The fiery track is tempered with a black-and-white clip that takes us through a tour of her neighborhood, New York’s East Village. We see Kendra lounging in an apartment, hanging out with friends, shopping for records and checking out instruments. All the while, the soulful track serves as the clip’s soundtrack. While this blast from Kendra’s past is more than welcome, we can’t wait to take a listen to the new-new that Kendra will be bringing later this year.

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