Natalie Stewart Plans To 'Rise' On Her Next Album

natalie stewart_red dress

While I'm sure there are some people out there still rueing the day Natalie Stewart and Marsha Ambrosious (aka Floetry) parted ways, both ladies continue to prove that there's musical life after partnership death. Stewart, or The Floacist, as she's also known, is giving fans something to look forward to with her upcoming CD Rise of the Phoenix Mermaid, due out March 18th on Shanachie Records. Her third solo effort, the album comes on the heels of 2012's The Floacist Presents Floetry Re:Birth. Continuing with her melding of spoken word and soul, the album promises to be thought provoking and provide more what drew fans to her in the first place, covering a gamut of topics from unity and global consciousness ("Heat It Up") to letting go of the past ("Wisest Thing") to paying homage to her grandmother ("Grandma"). And of course, what Floacist album would be complete exploring Stewart's sensual side, as she does on "Feel Good" and "Doing This." While she's yet to leak any sounds from the album, I personally can't wait to hear more from what she has to offer.

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