Little Dragon Takes Us 'Home' With Them

Little Dragon At Home Still

It's very rare that an audience gets to see the space where our favorite artists create, but the folks of Yours Truly have granted us that access to one of our many favorite international acts, Little Dragon. The LD Crew, hard at work on their upcoming album Nabuma Rubberband, took time to chat about their creative process and give viewers a tour of their homemade studio. While it's somewhat fascinating to see how much thought is put into something as simple as a wall color, it's also interesting to see just how normal Little Dragon really is (though, at times, their music might suggest otherwise). There are also two other very important things that this video reveals. 1). We get to hear the first notes of their upcoming single and album track "Klapp Klapp," which sounds like an electro-jazz hybrid that's sure to be everything LD fans are looking for. 2) The spring release the band promised when they announced Nabuma Rubberband gets narrowed down a bit further (May 2014, to be exact) at the end of the video. As the weather outside gets more and more frightful for those of us on the East Coast, here's yet another reason for us to hope for the warmer days that will come in May.

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