AHMIR Wants To Love You Like 'XO'


There are a number of Beyoncé covers floating around the Internets, but here’s one that actually caught the queen’s attention. YouTube R&B group/cover band AHMIR recently covered Yoncé’s “XO.” Their rendition, which they described as a “smoothed” out version of the original, just landed on Beyoncé’s Facebook page. With a simple video of each singer in front of a microphone, the visuals add a toned-down ambiance that works for them. The quartet is unquestionably soulful, singing the chorus together in blended harmony. Although their remake starts off a little too breathy for our liking, we can appreciate their velvety vocals. Each singer showcases his talent, singing a verse apiece and coming together just at the right moments. Reminiscent of your favorite male R&B group, AHMIR does a good job of transforming “XO” and adding a little testosterone to the track. Kudos to them on getting a nod from Bey (or her social media team). We can’t say we love them, but we do like them like "XO."

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