Don't Be A 'Fool' And Pass Up Bad Rabbits

There are times where I've wanted to get vengeance on someone and alas, nary a witty comeback or a dramatic drink throwing scenario to rival Bette Davis came to pass. Like a fumbling sap, I pretty much thought of all the witty things I wanted to say and do after the situation went down. I probably should take some pointers from Boston band Bad Rabbits who serve up some well-timed sweet revenge on the visual of their single "Can't Fool Me." After discovering his girl is on the creep, frontman Fredua Boakye enacts a plan to call out her actions during an impromptu performance, and the results are a justified moment for Boakye and an extremely awkward situation for his ex-girl. Yeah, it's a little excessive, but if you must call someone out on their mess, and do it while bouncing around to this crazy-infectious '80's synth beat, then there really is no better way. To further dig on the fun n' funky vibes of Bad Rabbits check out their other synth-ly delights via YouTube, and also note that their full-length debut, American Love, will be available May 14th on iTunes for your listening needs. [H/T: OKP]

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